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Keating 18 AA Fryer with Dump Station and Filter


The 18 AA allows you to cook up to 120 lbs. of frozen french fries or 150 lbs. of chicken per hour with an input of 134,000 BTU. The fryer pot is constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel, with a shortening capacity of 68 pounds. Equipped with (4) 18 gauge stainless steel, 3″ wide x 5″ high horizontal heat transfer tubes, spaced above the bottom of the vessel so that the bottom is unheated and the food particles collecting in the bottom zone are unheated and therefore do not carbonize. This unit comes equipped with the C18 Safe & Easy Central Filter system that can filter 90 lbs of oil in 2.5 minutes.


Manuf: Keating
Model: 18 AA
SN: F64856 & FL3920
Util: Natural gas
Cond: Used, Like New
Warr: AERE Local 30-day

Keating 18 AA Fryer with Dump Station and Filter
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