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Hobart CL44ER Conveyor Dishwasher (Left to Right Operation)


 Inside and out the CLeR warewashers by Hobart are packed with standard components and design innovations that make them the biggest value in the dishwasher industry.   The Energy Recovery System captures escaping heat and steam from the exhaust air and uses a heat exchanger to recycle it into energy. This free energy is used to preheat the incoming water supply before it enters the booster heater.  This item is also complete with microprocessor controls, single tank, 202 racks/hour, insulated hinged doors, .62 gallon/rack water usage, stainless steel enclosure panels, and Microprocessor controls with Low Temperature & Dirty Water Indicators, ENERGY STAR®.  LEFT TO RIGHT OPERATION.


Manuf:  Hobart

Model:  CL44ER-7


Util:  208/60/3PH

Cond:  New (no box), Manuf. warranty expired.

Warr:  AERE Local 1-Year

Hobart CL44ER Conveyor Dishwasher (Left to Right Operation)
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