Check chemical levels

  • Check chemical levels: Detergent, Rinse Aid and Destainer Replace and save any empty containers when one inch is left in bucket.
  • Do not place anything on top of buckets, damage to the lines may occur and Will Stop chemicals from going into machine.
  • Save the pail save $$$ & Save the planet.

Beginning of shift

  • Spray Arms: remove arms and their end plugs, push trash into arms with toothpick and flush clean.
  • Screens: remove drain screen and scrap trap screen, scrub and rinse. Replace all parts after cleaning.
  • Hand scrape, pre-rinse and rack dishes property for best results.
  • If water temperature less than 140F drain machine and refill. Proper operating temperature is 1400 F (never more than 150F or under 120F).


A service call caused by a deficiency in Lessee’s water. temperature. electrical, cleaning, operation or abuse of Equipment is chargeable on a time plus material basis including mileage at the Lessor’s normal rates. Lessor and its authorized representatives shall at all times have a right of access to the equipment, THE LESSEE SHALL PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE EQUIPMENT BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8•OO AM – 4:00 PM, WEEKDAYS FOR ROUTINE SERVICE OF THE EQUIPMENT. FAILURE OF THE LESSEE TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE EQUIMPMENT SHALL CONSTITUTE A BREACH OF THE LEASE ENTITLING LESSOR TO THE REMEDIES AVAILABLE UNDER CONTRACT

The lessee will be responsible for problems created by the following:

  1. Circuit breakers found in ‘OFF” position or defective breaker.
  2. Machine or softener unplugged or hooked up to faulty outlets.
  3. Clogged or overflow drains (at any point in drain line).
  4. Unclean pipes
  5. Lack of hot water (140F) due to temperature from your water heater. Instant hot water heaters do not supply proper hot water
  6. Failure of equipment unrelated to machine (ie. pre-rinse. garbage disposal. water or booster heaters, etc.).
  7. Abuse of equipment or failure to perform minimum cleaning requirements of items pictured above.
      • spray arms, bearings and machine screens dirty.
      • dish machine full or carbonized grease from hood and smoke
      • filters or items not pre-rinsed (including pots and pans).
  8. Water leaking from doors due to spray arm end plug missing due to operator NOTE: if plug is missing, it can be found in the machine or in the scrap trap next to the machine. (Aluminum foil can be substituted in an emergency).
  9. Lines to chemical buckets found in wrong containers. NOTE: Lines to buckets are color coded.
  10. Empty chemical buckets must be changed when one inch remains in container. NOTE: If bucket runs dry before changing, prime new chemical by running machine up to 20 times.