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Frymaster FPP235ESC Fryer Battery with Filter


The Frymaster FPP235E battery consists of (2) MJ135 units and is designed for versatililty, proven performance and trouble-free filtering of fryer batteries without wasting valuable space. The MJ35 gas fryers are unsurpassed in their versatility, controlled performance and low maintenance needs.


Standard Features:
• Open-pot design (split or full) is easy to clean
• 40-lb (25-liter) oil capacity
• 110,000 Btu/hr. input (27,700 kcal) (32.2 kw)
• Frying area 12” x 15” x 4-1/4” (30.5 x 38.1 x 10.8 cm)
• Master Jet burner system distributes heat evenly for efficient heat exchange and quick recovery
• Millivolt controller, no electric connection required
• Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet
• Reliable, centerline, fast-action temperature probe
• Deep cold zone, 1-1/4 in. (3.2 cm) IPS ball-type drain valve
• Two twin baskets


Manuf: Frymaster
Model: FPP235ESC
Util: Natural gas
SN: 1207FW0004
Cond: Used, Normal
Warr: AERE Local 30-day

Frymaster FPP235ESC Fryer Battery with Filter
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