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Bakers Pride P44S Countertop Pizza Oven

Bakers Pride® P44 series ovens are a great choice for fresh-dough pizza, prebaked crust, pretzels, flatbreads, and other bakery products. Bake directly on the deck or on screens, pans, or baking sheets. These ovens feature two baking chambers with two decks per chamber and your choice of Cordierite (3.25″ deck height) or brick-lined Cordierite (2.75″ deck height). The brick-lined model has a Cordierite ceiling, which offers the added benefit of increased temperatures and recovery times. Each chamber has an independent thermostat and a15-minute, electric timer with continuous-ring alarm and manual shut-off. All models feature stainless steel exteriors and 4″ adjustable legs.


Manuf: Baker’s Pride
Model: P44S
SN: 56371991
Util: Elect. 240/60/3PH
Cond: Used, Normal
Warr: AERE Local 30-day

Pizza Oven
Bakers Pride P44S Countertop Pizza Oven
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